Guided selling: What is it, and how can you benefit?


Sales complexity can hurt your company’s profitability, sales effectiveness, and buyer confidence. To stay ahead of the competition, you need to simplify your sales process and make it easier than ever for customers to buy from you. 

This is where guided selling solutions come in. Especially when selling more complex products or services, guided selling tools can make buying and selling easier for everyone involved. 

Could guided selling be the right choice for your business? In this post, we cover the basics of guided selling, including what exactly it is, and who benefits from it.  

What is guided selling?

Guided selling is a sales process that uses technology to help customers make informed and confident purchasing decisions. The goal of guided selling is to improve the customer experience and increase sales by helping customers quickly find the products or services that meet their needs.

Guided selling can be done in a variety of ways, such as providing product recommendations based on customer needs and preferences, or by leading customers through a series of questions to narrow down their options and find the best fit. 

How sales reps benefit from guided selling

Sales representatives can benefit from guided selling in a number of ways, including:

Increased productivity: Guided selling tools can automate many of the repetitive tasks that sales reps typically perform, like giving product recommendations. This frees up reps’ time to focus on more high-value activities, such as closing deals or building relationships with customers.

Improved customer engagement: With guided selling tools, reps can ask better questions and come up with highly relevant product recommendations based on customers’ needs and preferences.

Increased sales: By helping customers quickly find the right products or services, guided selling tools can improve the chances of making a sale, and also increase the average order value.

Better data and insights: Guided selling tools can provide sales reps with data and insights about customer behavior and preferences, which can be used to improve the sales process and drive better results.

How buyers benefit from guided selling

Guided selling also benefits buyers in many ways, including:

Improved product selection: When buyers get product recommendations based on their specific needs and preferences, they save time searching for solutions and can easily select the best products or services for them.

Increased confidence in purchase: Guided selling tools can provide buyers with detailed information about the products and services they’re interested in, which helps them make more informed purchasing decisions.

Enhanced buying experience: By helping buyers quickly find the products or services they need, guided selling tools can make the buying process more efficient and streamlined.

Better communication with sales representatives: Guided selling tools can facilitate communication between buyers and sales representatives. Sales reps can share relevant information and recommendations with buyers, react faster to customer enquiries, and close more deals.

What industries benefit from guided selling?

Businesses across many industries use guided selling to simplify the buying process. If your business falls into one of the following categories, guided selling could be right for you. 

B2B companies: Businesses that sell to other businesses can use guided selling tools to help their sales teams provide more personalized and effective customer support.

Manufacturers: Manufacturers can use guided selling tools to provide customers with detailed information about products, including technical specifications and custom configurations, to help customers find the best fit for their needs.

Service providers: Service providers can use guided selling tools to help buyers customize the services, to provide pricing information, and to up-sell & cross-sell relevant services.

High-consideration products or services: Guided selling can be particularly effective for companies that sell high-consideration products or services, such as financial services, healthcare products, or expensive technology. Since the buying process is usually more complex in these cases, guided selling can help customers make more informed decisions.

If you’re selling complex products or services, you can reduce your workforce training costs and get your sales representatives up to speed a lot faster with guided selling tools. Deploy configurators that your sales reps and resellers can use, and reduce training costs associated with new products and features.

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