How occupational healthcare provider Täsmä turned their website into a sales channel 

First month results prove immediate value: 50k ARR in new sales and more than 100k in new pipeline generated.

The secret to creating a successful service business lies in the principle of making things easy for your customers. This is what Finnish occupational healthcare provider, Täsmä Työterveys, recognized when they began selling their services online.

As a company that takes great pride in serving their customers fast and being easy to work with, Täsmä wanted to further improve the buying experience by allowing customers to buy whenever and wherever they preferred. Täsmä chose to partner with HeadQ to give their customers a seamless buying experience and maximize their sales team’s efficiency.

Pricing calculator alone didn’t fulfill customer needs

Täsmä had previously experimented with an in-house built pricing calculator, but found it was too difficult and costly to update and maintain. While customers could get pricing information from the calculator, they still weren’t able to buy the service when it was most convenient for them. 

“I didn’t know if selling occupational healthcare services online was possible. We had our price calculator, but it was just a price calculator, not a straight channel to buy services,” says Sanna Kärsämänoja, Director of Communications and Marketing at Täsmä.

Täsmä used to sell all their occupational healthcare retainers—including the smallest ones—through their sales team. However, sales reps found it unmotivating to focus on smaller deals, which usually took the same amount of time as a deal double the size. 

When the sales team prioritized bigger opportunities, the smaller companies sometimes faced a delay in response time from sales reps. Täsmä needed to solve this problem to keep up with the increasing demand. 

HeadQ boosts sales effectiveness

Täsmä began working with HeadQ to allow their customers to buy directly from them and enable their sales reps to spend their time more efficiently on the right customers. This left Täsmä with a huge untapped market opportunity. 

“I knew HeadQ was made by intelligent guys who know a lot about sales and online business. Because of that, I also knew they would not create a technical gadget for shits n’ giggles—it would be a powerful tool to improve customers’ buying experience,” says Sanna.

HeadQ has made self-service buying possible for Täsmä’s customers, while still giving them the option to talk to a human being if they need any assistance. 

“HeadQ showed me selling possibilities that I was not even able to see before. I’m amazed at HeadQ’s proactive approach. With them, it is not just about the technical execution—it’s about selling more,” continues Sanna. 

Self-service channel brings Täsmä €50K in ARR + €100K pipeline

Täsmä first set up HeadQ on their website in July—a month with the company’s lowest historical sales due to the natural seasonality of their business. 

Allowing customers to buy when it’s most convenient for them makes a difference: 

Täsmä got new customers worth €50K in annual recurring revenue (ARR) during the slowest month, and new pipeline worth €100K in leads. 25% of the sales came during off-hours and weekends, proving that customers took advantage of the flexible buying opportunities.  

“Our perspective of sales is enhancing quickly, thanks to HeadQ,” says Esa Halmesmäki, Founder and CEO of Täsmä

Täsmä’s sales team sees HeadQ as a valuable asset, as sales reps now get a proper stream of new warm, product-qualified leads that they can directly contact and assist to buy.

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"I didn't know if selling occupational healthcare services online was possible. We had our price calculator, but it was just a price calculator, not a straight channel to buy services"