HeadQ Acceptable Use Policy

Last updated: May 19, 2023

HeadQ is an ecommerce platform that provides merchants with the possibility to set up an online channel for selling their products and services. This Acceptable Use Policy applies when a merchant uses the HeadQ platform for selling products and services, and describes the practices that are prohibited in connection with the use of the platform. This policy exists to ensure that the use of HeadQ platform is at all times in compliance with laws, regulations and good business practice. This policy also reflects the values according to which HeadQ operates. A merchant using the HeadQ platform agrees to use the platform in compliance with this policy.

In addition to this policy, a merchant’s use of the HeadQ platform is governed by the HeadQ Terms of Service in force from time to time, available at: https://headq.io/terms-of-service/. In the event of a conflict between this policy and the Terms of Service, this policy will take precedence, but only to the extent required to resolve such conflict.

This policy may be updated by HeadQ from time to time. Updated policy is published on this page and customers with an active subscription or account are informed of the changed policy by in-app notification or by email.

1. Prohibited business activities

The prohibited business activities include without limitation the following:

  1. Illegal sales activities
  2. Sale of items and distribution of technology restricted or limited by laws, regulations and trade sanctions
  3. Hateful, discriminating, defaming and disturbing content
  4. Adult content and services
  5. Counterfeit products and violation of third party rights
  6. Deceptive commercial activities
  7. Spam email or marketing

2. Marketing compliance

To the extent HeadQ platform is used for sending electronic marketing messages, a merchant agrees at all times to comply with applicable marketing laws, regulations and industry best practices, such as the ICC Advertising and Marketing Communications Code. Recipients of electronic marketing messages must always be provided with an opportunity to opt out or unsubscribe from further marketing messages, which request must be respected. To the extent the applicable law requires consent prior to sending any electronic marketing messages to the recipient, such as prior to sending unsolicited commercial messages, the merchant agrees to acquire consent prior to sending any messages.

3. HeadQ’s right to monitor use of the platform and take appropriate actions

HeadQ has the right, but no obligation, to monitor that a merchant uses the HeadQ platform in compliance with this policy and the HeadQ Terms of Service. If HeadQ becomes aware of activity that it considers to be prohibited pursuant this policy, it may restrict or suspend access, delete or modify content, terminate the account responsible for such activity, or conduct any other measures it considers appropriate without any liability to the account holder who HeadQ considers to be violating the policy. A merchant’s breach of this policy is also considered a breach of the HeadQ Terms of Service.

HeadQ may in its sole determination decide whether a violation of this policy has occurred. Such a decision will be final and binding, and any action HeadQ takes with respect to enforcing this policy and against prohibited actions, including taking no action at all, will be at HeadQ’s sole discretion.

4. Reporting violations

If you consider that a user of the HeadQ platform has violated this policy, you can contact us at: legal@headq.io.