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Channels Additional channels 50€ / channel / month 1 1 3 10
Quote cart
Shopping cart
Product configurators
Number of products This is number of active products you have aka the products you sell 100 500 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of orders / RFQ's per month 10 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Digital goods
Add store to any website
Sell simultaneously on multiple sites
Product attachement
Connect your own domain name
Custom fields at checkout x x
CPQ (quoting tool)
Manually create orders
Multilingual catalog
Recurring subscriptions
Discount coupons
Pricebooks (customer specific pricing) 1 1 10 Unlimited
Mobile responsive shopping cart
Mobile responsive checkout
GDPR compliance
Powered by HeadQ badges Removable Removable Removable


Data layer
Headless SDK
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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Is HeadQ FREE really, FREE?

Yes, we believe all companies should be able to use modern technology to sell online. Our Freemium product is a full-blown digital sales platform, but it does have some limitations (e.g how many products you can sell, how many orders you can take in within one month)

What does "Channel" mean?

With Channels, you can create and manage multiple, unique storefronts within your HeadQ account. Channel lets you manage multiple brands, sell across customer segments or build across different regions.

You can set unique business rules for channel. A Channel can also have it’s own identity (look + feel), business logic and tons of other settings such as customised checkout.

What are the costs for Payment Gateway?

We use Stripe platform for payments. Costs for Payment depend on which payment methods you want to support within Stripe platform. Please see Stripe pricing page for more information.

Why an onboarding fee?

We want to make sure you get up and running as smoothly as possible. Our customer success team is dedicated making you succeed, so we have an obligatory, one-time onboarding fee. If you purchase HeadQ from our Certified Partners, you don’t need to pay the onboarding fee.

Onboarding fee for Growth-package is 980€ (one time)

How to get started?

You can get started with our free version. To get started with our premium packages, please book a call and our team will assist and open you the account.

I need help with set-up and strategy!

HeadQ is a software company, exclusively focusing on software development. Our Certified partners provide wide range of services that help companies start selling online and succeed with HeadQ.

Partner directory is coming soon! Meanwhile send us email, tell what you need and we’ll connect you with a few selected partners!

Can I use HeadQ on my own website?
Yes! Just copy-paste our code snippet into your website (you can do it via Google Tag Manager) and you’re ready sell! HeadQ works with every CMS, as long as you can add the code snippet!
Will HeadQ slow down my site?
HeadQ is blazing fast ⚡️ HeadQ loads asynchronously into your page, so it doesn’t impact the loading speed of your own content.
Is HeadQ GDPR compliant?
Absolutely! HeadQ is fully compliant with all General Data Protection Regulations. Please view our DPA here.
How will I get paid?

Directly via Stripe!

Unlike many other platforms, we utilize your own payment gateway, namely Stripe. This ensures that all orders are processed securely through your Stripe account. You have complete control over your data and the checkout, and your funds are instantly available to you. We never handle your money and do not take any fees.*

Can I change or cancel plans?
Yes. All plans are available month-to-month with no long term commitments so you can change your plan at any time!
How is HeadQ different from other ecommerce platforms?

HeadQ is a digital sales platform built for B2B companies. You can easily add commerce functionality to your existing website, whether that is shopping cart, quote cart or product pricing configurators. And you can do it without costly IT-project or coding skills. Plus, HeadQ has a free plan (not a free trial).

Is using HeadQ safe?
Your customers’ payment information is completely safe at HeadQ. All sensitive information always is transmitted via secure HTTPS channel. We don’t store your customers credit card payment information.
Which currencies are supported?
Basically, almost all of them.
Which languages do you support?
Out of the box, we currently support 10 languages; English, Deutsch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish If you want to add any missing language, we have every text string available, so you can create your own translations if you want. Just give us a heads up.