How Presto streamlined B2B sales with HeadQ

Presto partnered with HeadQ to streamline their entire B2B sales process and give customers a smooth and hassle-free buying experience.

Presto, a fast-growing company in the public safety industry, faced a unique challenge in a competitive market: the company needed to effectively showcase their expanding range of fire safety products and maintenance and training services while increasing website inquiry conversions.

Hidden products hindered business growth 

Despite having a diverse product portfolio of fire safety equipment, many of Presto’s offerings remained hidden, hindering their potential for growth. The sales team, although knowledgeable, struggled to present the products effectively. While some products were already available online, Presto needed a comprehensive solution to not only showcase all products and services, but also to make it easy for customers to buy. 

“We wanted to create a smooth and efficient way for customers to request quotes while avoiding a complex e-commerce project,” says Tarja Vilmi, Head of Product Management & Marketing at Presto

Before choosing HeadQ, Presto considered several different options:

  • Creating a product list on their website
  • Implementing an online order form
  • Exploring traditional e-commerce solutions, which were expensive and complex
  • Integrating with HubSpot’s CMS

Leveraging website traffic through a self-service sales channel 

Presto solved its unique B2B quoting process challenge with HeadQ—a feat that wasn’t possible with traditional e-commerce solutions. Our easy-to-use and cost-effective digital sales platform allowed Presto to effortlessly display products on their website, leveraging existing traffic. 

What set HeadQ apart was our intuitive quote request system, which resembles an online store. The HeadQ system accommodates complex pricing structures, including location-based pricing, and offers future scalability for self-service purchasing.

“We recognized the need to start selling our products online through a self-service sales channel. With the integration of the HeadQ Quote Cart on our website, our customers now have the convenience of seamlessly adding desired products to their quote cart and requesting a price quote,” says Tarja. 

The implementation process was swift and flexible—within just 15 minutes, Presto had the first 20 products available for sale on their website. It was easy to get started since HeadQ seamlessly integrates with Hubspot.

Increased revenue and streamlined operations 

After launching HeadQ, Presto saw some remarkable results:

  • Increased quote requests and orders (in terms of both quantity and monetary value)
  • Higher closing rate for quote requests, often resulting in larger deals
  • Higher monetary value growth compared to other channels
  • Streamlined order management, making life easier for the sales team
  • Faster and more substantial deals compared to other channels
  • Significantly improved customer experience

“Using HeadQ not only bolstered our overall sales figures but also led to a notable uptick in our average order values. The Quote Cart functionality significantly enhances the customer experience, affording buyers greater autonomy, while simultaneously providing us with the opportunity to structure product pricing to our advantage,” says Tarja. 

Presto especially appreciated that HeadQ was effortless for both their sales team and customers: “We love how we’re now able to make it so much easier for our customers to request a quote for all the products they want. It makes not just ours, but our customers’ lives easier and better,” explains Tarja. 

In the future, Presto plans to further improve their online sales process by allowing customers to place direct orders from their website using HeadQ. This will provide an even more seamless and efficient buying experience for their clients.

Key results:

“Using HeadQ not only bolstered our overall sales figures but also led to a notable uptick in our average order values.”