Visual Configurator for complex B2B products

Turn your website into a sales channel with Visual CPQ. Let customers configure the product they want, calculate price estimate and request a quote or even buy directly.

Welcome to the new world of B2B sales

The Old Way

Never ending email threads or calls. Customers asking back and forth for different setups, packages, and pricing.
It’s a poor buying experience and an inefficient selling process.

The New Way

Let your customers build exactly what they want, at their own pace, when they want.
 Never drop a sales opportunity again.

Make buing complex products easy with Visual CPQ

Let your customers configure their own solution simply and at their own pace. No more back-and-forth calls and emails with customers for days.

See Visual CPQ in action

See how easy it is to create and edit visual CPQ and add it to your website. Deliver world-class buying experience in minutes, not months.

Customers love HeadQ

Start selling online in minutes, not months

Getting started with digital sales shouldn’t be a long and risky IT project.

1. Add code snippet

Add a simple script and turn your website into a digital sales channel.

2. Update CTA’s​

Update your websites CTA’s from “Contact Sales” to “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now”

3. Start selling

Start receiving orders, inquiries and hot sales oppoturnities.

A plan to fit your needs (and budget)


Want a good starting package? Our Starter package has all you need to get up and running with digital sales.

249€ /month


Ready for growth? Turn your website into a full on digital sales channel with powerful features.

580€ /month


Need unlimited scale? Check out the full power of HeadQ and sell beyond what you can imagine.

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