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Here you can find the latest information of the product releases and updates on HeadQ. We update the page as we go on, so you’ll find the most up-to-date information here.

  • Product releases and updates

10.1.2024: Visual CPQ
We’re happy to announce we have released visual product configurator (visual cpq) for all users. You can access the feature by navigating to Products and then the CPQ.

Our Configurator now supports:

  • Visual Configurator (Visual CPQ)
  • Multi-page configurator 
  • One-page configurator

Now you can control the way you show pricing information on configurations:

  • Exact price: will show exact price for the configuration
  • Price range: will show price range for the configuration. Range can be edited with padding (% or amount to the low/high)
  • Visual: visual price bar, giving price estimation in a scale

Users are able to then either checkout or request a quote.
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