3 Powerful Ways to Use a Visual Product Configurator to Skyrocket Your Sales

CTO Product Configurator for manufacturing companies

What is a visual product configurator?

Visual product configurators are a game-changer for manufacturers and companies selling complex products.

These nifty digital tools let your customers customize products right on your website. Whether you’re selling forklifts, telehandlers, PVC warehouses, or pumps, a product configurator can make your life a whole lot easier.

So, what exactly does a product configurator do? It allows buyers to pick and choose different options, features, and specs for your products. They can see exactly how their choices impact the look, functionality, and price of the product—all without needing to chat with a sales rep first. It’s like giving them a personalized showroom experience online.

Why should you care? For starters, it makes your customers happy. They get a tailored shopping experience that’s super easy and interactive. Plus, it frees up your sales team to focus on the big stuff, not just answering the same old questions about product options.

Why Visual Product Configurators Are a Must-Have for Manufacturers and Companies Selling Complex Products and Services

Alright, let’s dive into why visual product configurators are such a big deal.

1. They Offer a Better Buying Experience 😍

This is a huge one. Today’s customers want self-service and transparency. They don’t want to be forced to talk to a sales rep just to get the information they need. With a product configurator, they can explore all the options and customize the product to their liking right on your website. It’s like having a personal showroom at their fingertips. This kind of seamless experience is exactly what customers crave.

2. They Boost Sales Efficiency

Imagine not needing your sales reps to handle every single deal. With a product configurator, your customers can take the reins on their own. This frees up your sales team to focus on more strategic tasks and bigger deals. Plus, self-service channels scale much better. You’re essentially empowering your customers to help themselves, which means your sales team can be more productive and efficient.

3. They Boost Marketing Efficiency

Here’s a cool marketing hack: when you can say in your ad copy that customers can build their product and get an instant price, your click-through rates skyrocket. People love the idea of getting exactly what they want without the hassle. Plus, conversion rates for CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) tools are usually 5-10 times higher than standard forms. That’s a massive boost in leads and sales without any extra effort.

1. Lead Generation

Here’s how it works: your customer configures the product in real-time and sees the changes instantly. It’s an interactive and engaging process that keeps them hooked. Now, you have the flexibility to decide whether to show prices or not. You can display the exact price, a price range, or even a visual price indicator. Most companies opt for a price range or a visual indicator because they realize customers must get a ballpark figure of the pricing. It’s important for customers to have an idea of the cost, not just the ability to configure the product.

When selling heavy equipment and machinery, your customers understand that shipping or transporting an excavator, for example, incurs additional costs that need to be calculated later. They’re okay with not having the exact cost at this point, but they do want a pricing estimate that’s close enough to make informed decisions.

This setup is perfect for products that have a lot of customization options. Think about machinery, tools, or services where the final price can vary based on the chosen features. By allowing customers to see and tweak their configurations, you’re giving them a sense of control and satisfaction. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to capture leads. When customers invest time in building their ideal product, they’re more likely to leave their contact information to get a final quote or learn more.

2. AutoQuote

Delivering an instant quote to your customers, with the option to checkout, is a game-changer. With the AutoQuote feature, you’re giving customers exactly what they want: an immediate quote for their desired product and the ability to purchase it straight from your website. 

Customers appreciate the convenience and transparency of getting an instant quote. It streamlines their buying journey and eliminates the waiting time typically associated with getting a price. Often, customers end up buying from the company that provides the information first. Traditional requests through contact forms can get lost in email threads, and customers might wait days for a quote, leading to a bad customer experience. The AutoQuote feature ensures they get what they need immediately, enhancing their overall satisfaction.

From a sales efficiency perspective, this tool is incredibly valuable. It helps weed out companies that don’t have the funds to buy your products or services right now. It also filters out those who are not ready to buy but are interested in getting a quote for budgeting purposes, as well as those who are simply a bad fit. This means your sales team can focus their efforts on serious buyers, saving time and resources.

By integrating the AutoQuote feature, you’re not only improving the buying experience for your customers but also optimizing your sales process to focus on the most promising leads.

3. Self-Service Sales Channel

A self-service sales channel empowers your customers to build their own products and checkout directly on your website. This feature is incredibly beneficial for both direct customers and distributors.

Direct Customers

Letting your customers configure and purchase products themselves provides a seamless and efficient buying experience. They can select the features they want, see the price updates in real-time, and complete the purchase without needing to interact with a sales representative. This convenience and transparency significantly enhance customer satisfaction and can drive higher sales.


For distributors, a self-service sales channel means their sales reps don’t need to be experts on every product’s pricing details. They can simply use the CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) tool to get accurate pricing. This not only simplifies the sales process but also ensures consistency and accuracy in pricing, reducing the potential for errors and miscommunication.

By implementing a self-service sales channel, you make it easier for both direct customers and distributors to do business with you. It streamlines the sales process, increases efficiency, and provides a superior customer experience.