Digital sales manifest


We believe every b2b-company, no matter how small or big, should have the opportunity to build buying experiences their customers love. This fundamental belief led us to launch HeadQ, the digital commerce platform that is built for you to run your digital sales in a modern way (without needing to pay ridiculous amounts of money).

Our three core beliefs:
1. Technology should make things possible, not stand in the way
2. Technology should be easy to use, not require PhD to use
3. Technology should let you sell the way your customers want to buy, not force you to work only one way

We understand we’re the underdog. We are the new guys on the block who think there’s a better way to sell. And that is by making buying a better experience for your customers.

We know that improving your sales by making it easier to buy from you is a game-changer. After all, you’d want your customer relationships to start the right way.

So, here we are. In the early stages of our journey. We’re in this to make buying from businesses a better experience.

Join the movement!