Sell anything with HeadQ

Sell physical products, no matter how complex

With HeadQ you can sell all kinds of physical products, from forklifts to shipping containers, and from fire extinguishers to drafting tables and everything in between.

Increase average order value with add-ons and options

Easiest way to serve your customers better is to offer them all the products and services they might need. Do that easily and let your customers select what they need.

Sell services, even subscription based

With HeadQ you can sell your services. Offer monthly retainers? Not a problem, you can sell subscription with HeadQ.

Inventory, managed.

Manage your inventory with HeadQ or sync your inventory from ERP to HeadQ to make sure you’re always up to date with the products your selling.

Sell digital downloads

Have a digital asset that you’d like to sell? No probs! You can sell digital downloads with HeadQ. Our ”Product links” feature makes it possible to attach any link to product. When customer purchases the product they will receive the link in the order confirmation email and in the Thank you -page.

Let your customers book a time at the checkout

Making purchase a great experience is a good start. But making it easy for your customers to book the service appointment at the checkout is even better. You can integrate HeadQ to your ERP to fetch the free times from your service teams calendar

Start selling online in minutes, not months

Getting started with digital sales shouldn’t be a long and risky IT project.

1. Add code snippet

Add a simple script and turn your website into a digital sales channel.

2. Update CTA’s​

Update your websites CTA’s from “Contact Sales” to “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now”

3. Start selling

Start receiving orders, inquiries and hot sales oppoturnities.

A plan to fit your needs (and budget)


Want a good starting package? Our Starter package has all you need to get up and running with digital sales.

199€ /month


Ready for growth? Turn your website into a full on digital sales channel with powerful features.

580€ /month


Need unlimited scale? Check out the full power of HeadQ and sell beyond what you can imagine.

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