Finally, there’s a way to sell your complex B2B products online.

HeadQ gives your customers a frictionless buying experience as they configure their product, get a quote, and check out right from your website.

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Because eCommerce platforms can’t handle your complex products, you’re stuck selling the outdated way.

Customers have to look through complicated charts and tables on your site to determine what they need.

Buyers have only one option to see pricing: reach out to sales reps and wait for a quote.

Your sales team’s time is wasted taking orders — and it’s not how customers want to buy.

HeadQ creates a self-serve buying process designed for your complex products.

Let customers configure the product they need.

HeadQ’s Visual Product Configurator turns your static spec sheet into an interactive experience without the need for a salesperson.

Choose how your customers get pricing info for each product.

HeadQ’s offers pricing variations per product, so you can control whether customers:

  • Use a quote cart to request pricing
  • Fill out a lead form to get pricing
  • Configure their product and get a price estimate
  • See the exact price and purchase

Allow customers to check out through your website.

HeadQ’s online payment module offers multiple self-service options for customers to purchase, including:
  • Credit cards
  • PDF invoice
  • Payment info to your invoicing system

Customers love HeadQ

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